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  1. On the other hand, a multi-year survey of students at a large Midwestern university in the United States found the prevalence of green eyes to be percent. Also, the prevalence of green eyes varies significantly by geographical region and country, with the greatest concentration in .
  2. May 08,  · People with green eyes have a bit more melanin than people with blue eyes. The green color is from a combination of a blue hue from Rayleigh scattering and “yellow” from the yellow pigment called lipochrome. The higher the melanin concentration in the iris, the darker the eye color will be.
  3. Green Eyes The rarest eye color out of the blue,green,brown trio and by far the most exotic and addicting. Most people lust after green eyes, and find them to be incredibly beautiful. Green eyes are compared and rated against blue quite often but the majority usually votes in favor of green since they are the rarest and most gorgeous.
  4. Sep 21,  · GREEN EYES ARE UNUSUAL IN PEOPLE Green eyes are beautiful to look at. They are also extremely unique and very rare! It has been estimated that only 2% of the world’s population have true green eyes.
  5. Aug 30,  · In some European countries green eyes are more common than brown. In Iceland it is said that 80% of people have blue or green eyes. Green eyes are more common in Icelandic females than in males. One study found that 17% of the women studied had green eyes compared to only 8% of the males. Similar results were found in a Dutch study.
  6. Hair Color Ideas For Green Eyes And Cool Skin Pale, strawberry, ash, white, and platinum are the shades of blonde that look amazing on cool skin. Reds with a purple tint and purple burgundy are some good shades that bring out the green in your eyes. Ash browns and soft .
  7. Green eye shadows can make the green in hazel eyes more predominant. Purple shadows can bring out the grays in the eye color while accenting the green. Light and neutral shadows can wash out hazel eyes and make them appear dull and uninviting.
  8. Girls with Green eyesare supposed to have many mysterious and magical powers, the power of attraction that fascinates everyone to have a deep view of natural beauty. However many of the stories about green eye women are not really true for example they are thought of witches, which is total nonsense.

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